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Aug 2, 2009 10:00am EDT
and the reason it is being done. and it is immoral for a -- for the united states of america to have tens of billions of people without health insurance and adequate health care. that's a bad thing. that is not american. >> the three big buzz words are cost, quality and coverage. we know some trillion dollar plan will probably cover more people. will it decrease costs? the c.b.o. says no. people say, why would we do that? that's not clear. in fact that have private insurance already, have said in the "wall street journal" poll, they think it is going to get worse, there's a public auction out there and maybe they're a private company will water down their insurance man and i might say, my company is not great, so maybe i'll go on the public plan. that's how everybody is thinking. that's why this has gotten away from the president. he's got to do a better job about selling why it is worth this. >> he's got a complicated argument. the republicans came in with a simple bumper sticker. government takeover of health care and everybody hates it. and he adds, things get worse if we don't do
Aug 16, 2009 10:00am EDT
year and it took 14 months to get to morning in america. here's reagan at the same point obama is at now. >> we're starting down a rd that i believe will lead us out of the economic swamp we've been in. it'll take time for the effective tax rate reductions to be felt in increased savings, and productivity and new jobs. it'll take time for the budget cuts to reduce deficits. the thing to do is to hold to a firm steady course. >> here's what is left over from george bush. first the bailouts last fall. the housing bubble. the spending on iraq. but critics say obama's problems are partly his own making. first, a lack of a stiff punch. and now his health care plan that some say could be too big. wike, we're heavily invested in this president, almost a billion dollar in stimulus spending. lots of action already. can he just blame it on the last guy. >> he's beginning to own. that's why we're seeing changes in his upon later -- pap later but the questions people are asking are these changes cyclical or permanent. i think they're permanent. barack obama has to deal with the fact that the eco
Aug 30, 2009 11:00am EDT
be our commander and chief. america can't afford that risk. chris: the ads repeateded again and again. >> on that very day, dukakis went to chicago and gabe a defense policy speech, which would have been what ball of us covered that night from the democratic part of the campaign. instead, he then chose to get into that tank. that's the image. it looked like snoopy with a helmet. and that is the image that absolutely is impresented in everyone's mind. atwater saw it. i was talking to him at that moment. i said we, got him. chris: what is the reality? the fact we have the guy that wasn't cool, with the helmet on and everything or was it just brilliant advertising by roger els in the case to put together the ads. >> the dukakis people gave them that moment by putting him in the tank instead of letting the media concentrate on his defense speeches. chris: i think there must have been 0 -- a thing on the tank, saying "wear helmet. >> and dukakis' backers did the same thing to kerry that his father had done to dukakis. >> john kerry has not been honest about what happened in vietnam.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)